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About Us

We are a team of experienced Architects, Interior Designers, and Engineers, who will design your house with all creative and trendy ideas. We provide architectural services like floor planning, elevation, and interior designing in India at an affordable price. MAS construct is India’s leading architecture firm which has 5+ years of experience in the construction industry and has completed more than 150+ projects covering 30 cities all over India. We Introduce new and innovative ideas as per the trending design for your house and can assist you with your dream house’s planning and designing needs. We understand building a home is not only a monetary investment but it’s more than that. Your dream house is an investment of your emotions. We understand your feelings and give all our best efforts to build your dream house.

What We Are

Everyone wants to build their dream home. MAS Construct is the most creative architectural firm in India making many dreams into reality. We have a team of professionals who can provide you with an attractive design for your plot, apartment, or house renovation. Once you have purchased a plot or a Flat. MAS Construct will assist you with all your planning and design needs. MAS construct is a friend, a guide, and a collaborator in the design of your home. We will look after your needs, assist you in creating a unique environment that will develop with you, and we are a just message away.

What We Do

From idea conceptualization to full house construction. We help to make your dream house into reality. We offer floor planning, elevation, and interior design services at an affordable price in India. Once your design is finalized as per your requirements, whether it may be Exterior or interior design work. We arrange a supervisor to look after your work from start to finish so that it should be executed as per the given design. We have collaborated with over 450+ different vendors all over India to make your house as per the given design. Also, we have a diverse group of coveted brands, and local craftspeople to guarantee that each design is personalized to your style, demand, and budget.

Why Us